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    Transport your 3 pets to the other side of the river. But remember: dog and cat can’t be left alone! And cat and hamster also will fight if left by themselves! Problem is your boat can only transport one animal at a time!

    A simple, classic puzzle, which I had great fun working on the logic and mechanic.

    I started with the most basic problems first, like how to make the boat move from one side to the other and stop. How to put an animal on it and carry it to the other side. How to test for failures (dog and cat or cat and mouse together) or victory (all animals at the right). How to test only upon clicking the boat – otherwise unload “unsafe pairs” (dog-cat and cat-mouse) would end the game immediately.

    Some challenges were quite fun to solve, like how to load an animal only if the boat was close, at the same side of the animal. Initially, it was possible to put an animal at the boat even if the boat was on the opposite margin.

    Icon Quest

    Play it here:


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