is GameBlox maintained ?

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    is there any bugfixing going on for GameBlox ? , right now its kind of fustrating to work with GameBlox it feels unfinished product and has several areas that are not working or implemented.

    gameBlox is Ok for one screen micro application for chasing sprites, but for more advance things it need more work

    some suggestions to mahe Blox better
    bigger screen sizes for scrolling games
    better sprite handling, not be forced to have the sprite on the canvas to manipulate, should be enought to have it loaded in to game, this would enable for better tilebased scrolling.. etc

    animations, the look system is to clunky
    music/sound does not work once you upload a bigger sound file it bugs out.
    swaping in between screens takes to long time.
    wierd colision handling.
    it needs a user manual
    screen sizes need to be dynamic, thinking of drawing which need a overhoul
    loading sound and sprite screens need to be able to scale
    arrays would be nice, this would help to build tilebased maps or even load in a text file with map inf

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    It’s a small team maintaining it (I’m the only staff member, and several students work to keep it updated). Separately, the launch of the course coincided with me being out of the office and busier than normal since I need to fix bugs on the course forums before I left. I should be on the forums more often in the coming days.

    The system is good for particular types of games, but not others. Large canvas tile games is something the system isn’t setup to handle.

    You can clone sprites into the game, you don’t need it to be on the stage to start. Look at the components drawer.

    There is a limit to the file sizes of sounds, there should be better error handling on it. I’ll check what that limit is. For small sound effects, the sounds have worked fine. You can’t upload a full song though. We also have this limit to not encourage users to upload music to the servers .

    Parts of the larger user manual are being worked on, and we’ll have pieces of it coming out toward the end of the week.

    The drawing application is very rudimentary. For more advanced images, users can upload any image, so you can use one you find online, or make your own in a paint application and upload.

    The list drawer in the blocks allows you to make list of numbers, strings, or sprites. I would probably recommend using the tables instead. Though, as I mentioned, Gameblox is not build to handle tile based games at this point.

    Let me know what bugs you run into with collision handling. We’ve recently swapped out the physics engine, but I think we’ve fixed most of the bugs. Showing me projects where you see strange behavior can help us track down any lingering bugs.

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