[New Request] Is it possible to change my username?

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    I, for reasons beyond me, typed an incorrect letter when creating my username. Is it possible for this to be corrected? I am looking at your program as a means to teach my middle school students game creation using the Blockly language next school year. If possible, can you change it to mroser instead of mrmser. I would like my actual name to be shown instead of my mistake.

    Thank you very much.
    Mr. Oser

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    Hi mrmser (mroser),

    I do not currently believe there is a way to change your username without creating a whole separate account, but I have reached out to the developers for a more definitive answer. I shall let you know their response as soon as possible.

    If you end up creating a separate account, it shouldn’t be too hard to get all of your previously made games on your new account. You would just have to alias the games thereby creating new game numbers under your new account.


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