More save and load issues

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    Atm if i try to run

    everything works fine.

    When i then go to Edit->Blocks i get a lot of errors about global variables not found and if i run the game it doesn’t behave as expected. The flies are not able to detect the light sources anymore.

    Guess it’s no wonder, and the script is simply breaking on the errors.

    Same errors appear if i clone the game. To modify the game i have to reclick every error and just put the same value in again.

    As an educated guess i would say that the program is not scanning for all global variables before updating some block, which leads to them being detected wrongly.

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    yay an other one dead

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    i’m on my next try for the whole game thingy, so far save and load is working.

    At the moment i’m not using my new sprite object classes as global variables,
    looks like those were responsible for the errors on load.

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