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    Create a post about bugs that you find. It is helpful if you could provide a link to a project that has the bug. In addition, if you could create the simplest project that has the bug, it will make it easier for our team to find and fix. Thanks for your help making Gameblox better for everyone.

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    If I create Game and have a Gameblox app on the phone, i have a problem with Play Mode
    I and all my colleagues see only blank screen and couldn’t play a game

    We are testing this mode in various device

    What it may be?
    This issue appear in this week

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    Wich Internet Bandwidth need for PLAY MODE?

    All Modes Working, But Play MODE not working?

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    Hi mlivenets,

    Are you still having this problem? I have tried playing around with some games on my phone (through the mobile app) and have not encountered any issues just yet. Only games that are made to be used with a touch screen and/or gyroscope will actually be playable on your phone.

    If the issue is still affecting you, could you please walk me through how you encounter the issue exactly? By my understanding, you are typing in the game id number, hitting play, then a blank black or white screen comes up?

    I will look further into this issue and see if I can find a resolution. You might need to reinstall the app on your mobile device. Internet bandwidth should not be an issue as long as you have reasonable speeds (>1 Mbps).


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      I am from Russia
      This problem not only my Phone. My teachers and student have the same problem
      We find the game throw the ID In game bloх app but when we press play, we see only blank screen

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    If you are connecting using a private wireless network, make sure nothing is blocking your connection.

    I was having the same issue and found out it was a firewall preventing me to load the game in the mobile. I disconnected the phone from the wireless network and now the game is loading correctly using my LTE connection.

    I hope this helps.


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